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Thank you for your purchase!

In order to get the best experience out of your new ice blocks, please take note of the following:


Ice blocks must be stored in your freezer. You can store them in the container or bag they came in or place the ice in the freezer themselves. Please note that if your craft ice has thawed prior to use and you wish to re-freeze for later consumption, ensure that they are separated from one another while in the freezer. This will prevent them from fusing together and becoming one solid block. 


When ready to use the ice, please take them out of the freezer and let them stand (either in the empty glass to be used or on a cutting board) for approximately one minute prior to contact with any liquid. This process is called 'tempering'. This will acclimatize the ice and prevent it from cracking when pouring your beverage/liquor over the ice. Please avoid tempering the ice on any metallic or stone/quartz type of surface, as this will induce thermal shock to the ice block and cause it to prematurely  shatter/crack. Once your ice has tempered, you are ready to enjoy craft ice as you please.


Oh no! My ice block is already cracked...

While we do our absolute best to inspect every single block that leaves the shop, there is always the possibility that the ice may have sustained damage during transportation or while in storage at the retail location. If you have received an ice block that has sustained damage prior to the tempering process or actual contact with a liquid, we would be happy to replace the block free of charge. Please contact us to return the damaged goods, and we will set up a replacement for you.

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