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About Craft Ice

Artisanal craft ice is defined by its clarity and density. As water freezes, air and other impurities are trapped during the process and result in a cloudy appearance. However, if the freezing process is slowed and the water freezes in only one direction, the result is perfect, crystal clear ice. The slower the freezing process, the more time air and other impurities have to escape from being trapped in the ice. The completed product also contains a much higher density than regular frozen water, providing slower melting times.

Benefits of Craft Ice

  • Aesthetically pleasing. Luxurious classy appearance, elevating the overall beverage experience.

  • Maintains beverage alcohol & ingredient concentration levels for longer periods.

  • Craft ice has a slower melt time which reduces beverage dilution, allowing every drink to be enjoyed the way it should be.

  • Ultra-purification prevents chemical malodor off-gassing or taste alteration during beverage consumption.

About Kangen Water

Alkaline water produced by Enagic's Kangen water ionizers helps our bodies return to its original alkaline state among many other uses. This water is hydrogen rich exhibiting a negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP) and the ionization process allows for the water molecule clusters themselves to be smaller, resulting in higher absorption rates and better hydration.

Uses and Applications

  • High alkaline drinking water (pH 8.5-9.5)

  • Astringent beauty water (pH 6.0)

  • Strong Kangen water (pH 11.5) for degreasing purposes and washing produce of pesticides

  • Strong acid water (pH 2.5)

  • Multiple health benefits and household uses


About Distilled Water

Distilled water is a specialized type of purified water that has altered in state from a liquid, to a gas, and then condensed back into its original liquid form. As the vapor condenses back into a liquid, it leaves behind many of the impurities it originally contained. Due to our distillation process, we are only able to accommodate large orders of 80 gallons or more at this time. Contact us for more information.

Uses and Applications

  • Medical (i.e., CPAP Machines, Vaporizers, Humidifiers)

  • Automotive (i.e., Powertrain Cooling Systems, Detailing, Glaze & Paint Film Application)

  • Cosmetic and Beauty

  • Sanitization Equipment

  • Household & Housekeeping; Steaming Irons 

  • Aquariums & Marine Wildlife

  • Coffee Machines

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