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About Big Island Craft Ice

Big Island Craft Ice is currently located in Kamuela, Hawaii and officially started in 2019. We are pleased to offer artisanal craft ice in a variety of shapes and sizes and ultra-purified distilled water. We are also a local Enagic product distributor including their world renowned Kangen water ionizers.

Manufacturing artisanal craft ice has been a passion project of ours for some time now and we've finally been able to increase production to share our product with the local community and meet the increased demand from the food and beverage industry. While ice is often overlooked as an integral beverage component, the quality, size, and shape of this single ingredient can, and will, transform the overall consumer experience in a luxurious way. Contact us today to elevate your at-home cocktails or see how our products can immediately enhance your establishment's beverages and increase your customer satisfaction!

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